NFL & NCAA Medics Work Together to Improve Football Safety

In June 2019, physicians and trainers from the NFL and NCAA spent two days in Indianapolis sharing data about the prevention and treatment of football-related injuries. Representatives from NFL Player Health & Safety, the NCAA Sport Science Institute, ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC attended. According to findings discussed at the presentation, players are …. Read More

Study: College Football Players Returning to Play After Concussion Risk Injury

A new study screening 89 National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I football players suggests that players who have previously sustained a concussion and returned to play are at high risk of re-injury because of decreased cognitive function. “While neurocognitive function, coordination and balance usually improve in seven to 10 days, subtle perceptual and motor control …. Read More

Congressional Testimony: NCAA Spreads Disinformation About Brain Injuries

Former All-American football player and NFL linebacker, Chris Borland, retired from his professional sports career in the interest of personal health – specifically to avoid the ramifications of repetitive brain trauma. Earlier this year, Borland testified before Congress, saying that the football industry manipulates the science of brain injuries. “…NCAA research into concussion is inherently …. Read More

Study: Reporting Concussions in College Sports

A new study that surveyed over 400 NCAA Division I athletes found that not only were players uncertain if they would suffer negative consequences from severe head injuries, but they also may be under-reporting concussion symptoms. The study concluded that determining factors in reporting concussion symptoms include team culture, societal influences, such as media, and …. Read More

NCAA Football Players Seek Jury Verdicts

Former college football players who suffered from concussions and brain-injuries have filed thousands of lawsuits alleging the NCAA failed to protect players from chronic neurocognitive diseases later in life. Similar cases brought against the NFL and NHL have resulted in more than $1 billion in settlements; however, NCAA plaintiffs are seeking jury verdicts to obtain …. Read More